​The Guilty Pleasure Truck

The Bacon N' Ed's Mobile Gourmet Kitchen is an award winning Northern Virginia based food truck that has gathered quite a following, along with earning itself a fine reputation among the many great DC food trucks. Bacon N' Ed's is primarily reservation-only, but you can find them at local breweries fairly often! We specialize in gourmet guilty pleasures and breakfast food. For reservation and booking information fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

​​Bacon N' Ed's

How Does Catering Work?

Catering service fees are based upon party size, number of courses, and service style.  We offer all of the following:​

- Banquet style service

- Buffet Service

- Family style service

- Window service

For event pricing/booking information, simply fill out the form on the contact us page with the details of your event. We will get back to you very soon, Thanks. 

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In order to maintain the highest quality, freshness, and creativity, our Menu changes each and every time we open our window!

Here are some customer favorites! 

- Fried Chicken Banh Mi

- Butter Grilled Pretzel

- Sweet Italian Sausage with Provolone and                Peppers

- Swedish Meatball Sub

- Homemade Buttermilk Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit

- Classic BLT With House Cured and Smoked Bacon

- Croque Madame With Herb Béchamel 

- Garlic Herb Fries

- And Many Many More!

Mobile Gourmet Kitchen©

At Bacon N' Ed's Mobile Gourmet Kitchen, we can handle events of all varieties, such as: 

Wedding Receptions, Wedding Brunches, Private Functions, Small Parties, Large Parties, Corporate Events, Office Luncheons, Large Scale Festivals, Private Catering, A Sunset Dinner in the Park, A Food Truck Cooking Class, And Many More!


​​Mobile Gourmet Kitchen